Orchard Trees 

Bunnies and Hedgehogs


A cosy and nurturing space for our youngest children


 Our caring team closely follow your individual child’s routine and build strong Key Person relationships with you and your child to help you both settle into the nursery routine. We have baby slings to use for our youngest babies, especially in the first few weeks of transitioning to nursery, this helps them feel safe and secure  and to build the all important bond with their Key person.  Your Key Person is always there for advice or to settle any nerves about leaving your little one for the first time (we know how hard this can be!). 

If breast-feeding we will store your milk in our fridge until it your baby needs it, or if formula fed we make up each bottle fresh, following the manufacturers guidelines and our own bottle feeding policy. We are more than happy to help you and your little one in all stages of weaning and if you choose to have nursery meals, we make a range of alternatives appropriate for each stage. 

The room has a cosy quiet area with cots and sleep pods  which the babies use when they need some rest.

We LOVE sensory play! And our Bunnies and Hedgehogs fill their days exploring our treasure baskets, tactile trays and sensory areas.


Little Owls


A calming and wondrous space for our Toddlers

Children move to our Little Owls group when they turn 2 years old. They remain Little Owls until the September before they start school.

We have 2 adjoined room dedicated especially for our Little Owls. The Children are free to use both rooms as they wish and we participate in Free-Flow play of the garden whenever we can.

Our fantastic Little Owls team build up your child's independence and social skills at this key stage, giving them the tools to be able to make friendships and navigate their way through the tide of new emotions and skills that their they are learning every day!

Wise Owls


Preparing for School

In the September of each year we welcome our new Wise Owls. We spend their final year before school making sure our Wise Owls are well prepared for their next step of their Learning Journey.

The Wise Owls have a large open plan room with direct access to the garden so that they can choose to be indoor or out at all times durig the day.

As we prepare the Wise Owls for school we start more focussed teaching time and take part in planned group activities each day. This time ensures that children are well prepared for the structure of the school routine and to ensure that the group is working confidently in all areas of the EYFS. Every Wise Owl gets their own book bag just like at school and this can be used to take home work, letters and books from our Lending Library.



School Kids Out at Orchard Trees or ‘SKOOT’ is our out of school club. 

We run a Breakfast and After School club for Wheldrake children at Orchard Trees Day Nursery and for North Duffield and Bubwith children at North Duffield Pavilion. We also run a Holiday club from the Pavilion which is open to all.