Orchard Trees 




To create a community of creative thinkers whose unique strengths are celebrated in a respectful and nurturing environment.



Flexible- Offering high quality childcare that is flexible to suit the needs of all families

Individual- We listen to all children and create a path of learning unique for them

Creative- Each day is an opportunity for a new experience!



At Orchard Trees we believe that all children are born with infinite potential and wonder. Our role as educators is to support children’s intrinsic curiosities to motivate them to learn. We are strong advocates of giving children the freedom to explore and make their own choices in an environment full of natural interests. We let children take the lead and carve out their own path of discovery. By valuing the individuality of all, we aim to scaffold creative thinking as we undergo a journey of learning together.


The Orchard Trees Approach

At Orchard Trees we understand how important it is for children to be confident learners and that they need freedom to explore their environment in order for these skills to develop.

By taking inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach our practitioners have developed a child-centred pedagogy which allows every child to explore their own interests with their Key person learning right alongside them.

The Environment as the 3rd Teacher

Our practitioners ensure that the environment is beautifully presented and rich in interesting and open-ended resources which reflect the interests of the children. 

In the Moment Planning

We believe that children learn best when they can follow their own interests and lead their own individual journeys. Therefore, we have developed a way of planning ‘In the Moment’ whist still being able to accurately track the development of each child using the Early years Foundation Stage (EYFS).